This is simply an amazing bow saw.
Hot bread, crusty French, tough bagels, and mushy sourdough can be cut with ease.
In addition, this knife can be used for vegetables, fruits and cheeses.

After using the knife, simply wipe the blade clean.

The blade, made form high carbon steel, is a scalloped design that is double beveled. The blade is extremely thin, which is part of the reason it cuts so well.

The strength of the blade is a result of the tension applied to the blade when it is mounted on the wood bow saw. The back of the bow has about a quarter of an inch bow in it. This bow effect gives the blade a spring steel feeling.
Because the blades are made from
commercial use, they have a very long life.
The blades should last at least two
hundred hours of bread cutting before
becoming dull. If your knife should dull
(which we doubt), replacement blades ard
available. Simply detach the old blade and
mail it to us with three dollars and we will
mail you a new blade!

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Besides being a very functional kitchen
utensil, they are very attractive.

Each bow saw is totally hand crafter from
high quality strait-grained hardwood.

We use a variety of domestic and
imported woods.

Each bow saw is hand sanded to satin
finish, and then several layers of a tough,
non toxic finish are applied.